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Guizhou Zhengfang Company includes 4 companies as follows:
       Guizhou Zhengfang accounting firm
       Guizhou Zhengfang engineering cost consulting firm limited
       Guizhou Zhengfang Asset Appraisal firm limited
       Guizhou Fangxing Tax Agents Co., LTD
      On December 28, 1999, Guizhou Zhengfang Accounting Firm was approved by Guizhou Provincial Department of Finance。We have obtained the qualifications of audit of state-owned enterprises (including large enterprises), asset assessment (including bankruptcy assessment qualification), compilation and review of project cost pre-determination and special audit of enterprise wages, economic case appraisal and judicial appraisal。
In 2003, Guizhou Zhengfang Engineering Cost Consulting Firm was established separately from Guizhou Zhengfang Accounting Firm, engaged in: project cost appraisal, construction project tender base preparation, construction project pre-settlement (settlement) calculation preparation, economic case verification, financial investment evaluation, project bidding agency。
In 2005, Guizhou Zhengfang Asset Appraisal Firm was set up separately from Guizhou Zhengfang Accounting Firm, engaged in the appraisal of state-owned assets and non-state-owned assets。
In 2006, Guizhou Fangxing Tax Agent Firm was established, engaged in: tax agency, consulting, asset pre-tax loss reporting, income tax settlement, tax exemption application, tax planning, tax-related services, etc。


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Add: 4th Floor, Zhongtian Biyuan, No. 63 Yanwu Street, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

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